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The chances that you’ve probably never heard the word ‘cuckold’ are high unless you have a thing for Middle English poetry or spend time criticizing people of liberal persuasion online. Therefore a definition and some historical background for the word should suffice at this point.

Cuckold is an old English word that describes a man who is married to an unfaithful wife. It can also be the act of another man making a husband a cuckold by sleeping with his wife. For more insight, the word comes from a bird, the cuckoo. This bird has the habit of laying her eggs in other bird’s nests.

In the world of pornography, cuckoldry is often a popular selection for searches and views. Research by neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam found that “cuckold porn” is the second most searched heterosexual porn category on the internet. On a gender basis, statistics reveal that 58 percent of male respondents fantasized about other men sharing their partners or being “cucked.” The number is significantly less for women.

So why do many people think and act out cuckold fantasies? Scientists and philosophers are quick to note that there are no straightforward answers. According to Justin Lehmiller. Ph.D., cuckoldry is not a “sign of an unhealthy relationship or disregard for one’s partner.” Taking this viewpoint a step further is sex advice columnist, Dan Savage. He stated that “it’s not cuckolding if there isn’t an element of humiliation, degradation or denial.” For men in this regard, humiliation can be sexually arousing, and Savage suggests that this is an essential element of cuckolding fantasies.

Then there is the female point of view. There are schools of thought that believe that cuckolding empowers the woman in question. In other words, the lady at the center often picks who to sleep with, on her terms. Terms that her partner is expected to accept as descriptive of his role as a cuck.

Many proponents are focusing their attention on the women in the center of cuckolding. Since nearly a third of female respondents admitted to fantasizing about the idea, advocates are pushing for more research.

For others, the idea of cuckolding is an avenue to spice up a marriage or partnership. In this scenario, the cuckold couple would meet afterward, to relieve events and have passionate sex.

Attention must also shift to another group of individuals who take it as a sexual fetish. This subset of men and women can point to no discernible reason for their embracing cuckoldry.