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Many feel liberated to try new ideologies and ways of life. One lifestyle that has seen an upsurge in the US in recent times is Cuckolding. At its most basic, cuckolding unfolds when a man allows his wife or girlfriend get fucked by another man. The man in question derives pleasure from watching the act; whether overtly or covertly.

In other words, men into the “cuckold lifestyle (also called hotwifing) are entirely in the know. In many instances, the cucked males often help their ladies prepare for the date. Such preparation includes assisting the lady in shaving her legs and shopping for the sexy outfit she will wear.

Statistics show that cuckolding is steadily on the rise among married couples and partners. Searches by heterosexual porn users revealed impressive numbers. Fifty-eight percent of male respondents fantasized about other men sharing their partners or being “cucked.”

The women at the center

Perhaps the rise in the cuckold lifestyle centers on the willingness of the lady in question. Such a woman is often called a hot wife. One definition for a hot wife is a married woman whose marriage is open on her end. This opening means that she can date other men and fuck them, with the permission and encouragement of her husband.

Reasons for the rise of the Cuckold Lifestyle in the US

Psychologists point to several underlying factors that have propelled the cuckold way of life among consenting adults. The more popular reasons are latent male bisexuality as well as taking pride in the liberated sexualities of their wives.

Speaking of liberated sexuality, consider a woman confessing to having a relationship with another man, to her husband. Instead of losing it, the husband asks that she recounts how it all went down. Not only was the man aroused, but they also had sizzling sex afterward.

In some cases, the man who cuckolds the lady comes as the Alpha Bull. The husband or partner to the lady is termed the beta male. Often, the Alpha bull provides the sexual excitement and extras the woman craves. Sometimes the Alpha bull may also be more endowed (talk about muscles and a more massive dick) than the beta male.

For others, the idea of cuckolding presents an avenue to spice up a marriage or partnership. A respondent puts the scenario thus:

“The game entails my wife being allowed to sleep with one other man at a time. She can’t switch to someone else more than once a month. The catch is that she can’t let me catch her or she won’t fuck that guy for three months.”

However, the reality for a vast majority of men is that they can proffer no reasons for embracing the cuckold lifestyle.